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What was represented must be simple the unity of action , must take place in one location the unity of place , and must take place in a brief period of time the unity of time. These rules were rational, the Academy believed, and led to a rationally desirable end: the purgation of passion. The ideal human being, by analogy, was someone capable of controlling passion through the use of reason.

Members of the Academy criticized points of grammar and style, as well as breaches of the rules for drama derived from Aristotle. The Parisian public loved the play as it was and quarreled with the critics. In , however, he produced two plays Horace and Cinna that faithfully observed the rules invoked by the Academy. The philosopher Rene Descartes was developing his ideas at this time, and they followed much the same form as classicism.

Descartes proposed a philosophy based on reason and advocated the use of scientific principles to discover truth. In his Traite des passions ; Treatise on Passion Descartes describes the struggle involved in using reason to control the passions, an experience dramatized by Corneille in Le Cid and most of his subsequent plays. Descartes and Corneille were optimistic about the outcome of the struggle and believed that human beings could influence their own destinies.

Two other writers were not so optimistic about the ability to control human fate. Blaise Pascal reflected the pessimism of the Jansenists, his teachers at the religious monastery of Port Royal, in his Lettres provinciales ; The Provincial Letters and Les pensees ; The Thoughts of Pascal. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Japan to your country.

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US UK. This is his odyssey, full of stories and anecdotes from throughout a theatrical career. This new publication offers a unique insight into the mind of one of the greatest theatrical authorities and is packed full of revealing thoughts regarding the theatre and acting. In this entertaining new title in Oberon Masters Series, Ruth Leon, an international authority on the musical theatre - writer, biographer, broadcaster, critic, stage director - tells all about the composers, the lyricists, the directors and the pioneers of the stage musical on both sides of the Atlantic while trying to reveal the truth behind the eternal question - what are musicals and why do we love them?

In this series of interviews with well-known stage actors, he discovers what the motivations and drawbacks of the job are. The interwining narrative of six friends - from childhood to maturity and beyond - was rendered into a series of beautiful and poignant images onto a screen by live actors and musicians incorporating techniques taken from the theatre, radio and video production. Inspired by The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky, this publication is a record of the highly acclaimed multimedia work devised by Katie Mitchell and the company.

click here Celebrating 40 years on the stage, Elaine Paige tells the remarkable story of her life on stage in words and pictures, from her upbringing and earliest stage appearances to her many starring roles in the biggest musicals of modern times, including Cats, Evita, and Sunset Boulevard. Sharing moments of joy and regret. Fully illustrated and featuring a foreword by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Memories is a revealing and funny insight into the life of a true national treasure.

In addition to being an excellent playwright she has also written numerous librettos. A new, fully-researched history of the National Theatre, covering its origins, the difficulties of its official opening during the strikeridden days of the s, and the different qualities of its Artistic Directors: Laurence Olivier, Peter Hall, Richard Eyre, Trevor Nunn and the present incumbent, Nicholas Hytner. A new edition of this essential guide. CD included free. But what exactly is it? How do you do it? How many varieties are there? And which one should they use when? This fantastic new guide will show you the way.

CLASSIC VOICE Featuring sample texts, warm-up exercises and workshop plans, Classic Voice seeks to prepare actors for the unique vocal challenges encountered in the performance of classical texts, often in verse form with unfamiliar heightened language. Focusing in turn on Greek tragedy, Elizabethan and Jacobean drama and Restoration comedy, this book is an essential resource for actors, directors and teachers. Lavishly illustrated with over 50 rehearsal and production photographs. Renowned for her sparkling stage performances and the quickness of her wit, Coral Browne was a true original.

Crammed with professional insights and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. As the actors and director go back in time to unearth these characters, they discover that looks more and more like the present day. Jonathan Croall combines an account of this theatrical journey with an informative history of the play. Foreword by Sir Peter Hall. With over 60 illustrations. Funny, honest and acutely observant. The paperback includes a previously unpublished chapter. In this wide-ranging, illustrated survey, Nicholas Dromgoole traces the origins and evolution of these styles.

Focusing on different aspects of what Barker has called the Theatre of Catastrophe, an international range of academics and practitioners offer illuminating interpretations of his work. Proclaimed playwright of his generation, he went on to win three Pulitzer Prizes for his searing and innovative plays.

Peter Gill provides an introduction. She talks to Jan Sargent about her early life during wartime London, the origins of her politics and her absolute commitment to justice. A saucy backstage look at music hall, variety and vaudeville, illustrated with the posters and photographs of the time. Here leading practitioners write polemically about the techniques, intentions and ethics of documentary theatre. With numerous black and white illustrations. The Art of the Theatre Workshop is a collection of images by people who worked closely with this legendary company in its early years.

Did anyone ever agree about anything? In its story was told with the help of puppet designs, actors, a story of african theatre dancers, stilt-walkers, music, costumes, graphics — and a life-size puppet giraffe. Includes the playscript of Tall Horse by Khephra Burns. Illustrated includes the performance script of tall horse by khephra burns.

A hilarious new novel from renowned actress Nichola McAuliffe. Leading lady and one-time telly star Eleanor Woodwarde takes the lead in an overblown West End salsa musical. A rival actress is after the number one dressing room. Henry IV at the National Theatre Bella Merlin follows the production from pre-rehearsal planning to opening night, charting the processes that make up two major productions in the Olivier Theatre, and provides a unique insight into the staging of two great Shakespeare plays. Inventing Anton Chekhov Acclaimed actor Michael Pennington retraces his ten-year exploration of Chekhov when preparing for the one-man show Anton Chekhov.

Includes the script of Anton Chekhov. The director of The Elephant Man and founder of the Foco Novo theatre company, interviews other pioneers of fringe theatre in the US and UK in the seventies and eighties. In recent years Oberon have produced some beautiful books, most notably Pas de deux and The Royal Ballet Yearbook, with many more stunning books due to publish throughout and Now one of the foremost international ballet companies in the world, this book celebrates this story through pictures.

With a foreword by Dame Monica Mason, director of the Royal Ballet, this essential guide contains news on who has left and joined the organisation, photos of the company from the season, interviews with dancers on what life at the Royal Ballet is really like, articles and a preview of next season, a chronology of the company and much more.

An essential read for anyone involved or interested in the world of dance. This illustrated guide to the Ballet Boyz is a joy to behold, and a must have for every dance lover, young or old. This wonderful book not only helps readers gain that fuller understanding of The Ring Cycle, but is also a joy to read.

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  • Celimene, Pierre Corneille, Rouvroy, Iphigenie, Alceste;

Over full colour pictures of 43 ballets are featured, including masterpieces by the great choreographers Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan, as well as new works by leading choreographers of today. The pictorial record, drawn from the Royal Opera House Collections, includes many images never published before. Appendices list all the performances and their castings from on.

It is a collaboration between poet Glyn Maxwell and composer Elena Langer. Since his debut at the Opera House in Domingo has held a unique place amongst the great tenors. The book shows Domingo in rehearsal as well as in performance and includes pictures lent by the Domingo family. Also included are photographs of her internationally acclaimed partnership with Rudolf Nureyev. These performances saw the start of a legendary partnership that was to enthral audiences throughout the world. He also mounted versions of the classical ballets from his days with the Kirov Ballet and choreographed his own works.

With more demi-gods than demi-pointes, this illustrated tribute to the Ballet Boyz is a joy to behold, and a must have for every dance enthusiast. From young writers to old, British and international, Oberon Books has the most exciting list of young and new writers producing innovative and stimulating new drama.

Pierre Corneille

Oladipo Agboluaje. Fast, furious and very funny, Familyman asks some vital questions about 21st-century parenting. Eighteen months later, two Yorkshire police officers were prosecuted for killing the Nigerian immigrant whist in police custody. A grubby police office in downtown NYC. Jimmy has the look of a choir boy, but the attitude of a punk. Today history replays in the Middle East.

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They gather on a sunny Sunday to face Bernard and his ethnically diverse and highly talented squad. Simultaneously brilliantly funny, true and touching, The English Game is a timely and revealing look at the political and social tensions which underpin modern society.

Premiered at The National Theatre. Lee, a soldier returning to Hull from two tours of Afghanistan, joins a losing pub quiz team, whose specialist subjects range from hallucinogenic drugs to the containerisation of Hull docks. Melissa has come to Hull to regenerate the city. Maybe she can be a shot of viagra for the team? Political hysteria and social change are sweeping Nigeria. But there are other distractions. Meanwhile Helen, the ambitious house girl, is waiting for her chance Eight women tell their stories — using their own words — stories of the unseen fallout of the war on terror in Britain.

They all came to the UK as refugees, or married refugees here. One after another they were engulfed by isolation and private terror. The Meaning of Waiting is a powerful new work of verbatim theatre. West End production. Fortunately her boyfriend has a better prospect. Kebab explores some of the harsher realities of immigration and what people are willing to give up in the hope of a better life.

But will a desolate house by the sea provide them with The Answer? The closure of the play sparked a vehement debate about offence and freedom of speech. In Behud, a playwright attempts to make sense of the past by visiting the darkest corners of her imaginations. Behud is an imaginative response, inspired by the events surrounding Behzti see page 47 , and the compelling story of an artist struggling to be heard. Highly controversial in Austria, the play concerns a Jewish professor who returns to Vienna after the Second World War and discovers that his fellow Austrians are as anti-semitic as ever.

But the worm at the heart of their apparently happy marriage is his secret penchant for rough sex with young prostitutes. When this sordid fact becomes known to his wife and teenage daughter, their previously charmed lives, in tandem with the desperate existence of a hapless young girl from Moldova, collapse into freefall.

Trafalgar Studios I have the choice to stop. Settle back into the warmth of the theatre. Relax as the story unfolds. For you. With you. Of you.

Bestselling Series

A story of hope, violence and exploitation. Laugh with the actors, tap your feet to the music, turn to your neighbour. However, Miso is rescued from poverty at the age of ten by an English family, and leaving her younger brother in Korea to fend for himself, she escapes to England and a life of prosperity. Two Nigerian families bound together by grief. One devastating secret set to tear them apart. Reunited in grief, a wealth of secret motives, jealousy and insecurities are exposed. A man mourns the loss of his lover, a mathematician mourns her own fate.

Ramanujan looks to create some of the most complex mathematical patterns of all time. Mary Swanson just moved to Middletown. Middletown is a playful, poignant portrait of a town with two lives, one ordinary and visible, the other epic and mysterious. As a clergy wife, Grace has spent a lifetime on best behaviour. Now, following the death of her husband Bardolph, she is enjoying the new-found freedom to do and say exactly as she pleases.

But the return of her eccentric missionary sister Ruth, together with some disturbing revelations force Grace to confront the truth of her marriage. A violent and terrifying incident and a chance encounter with an escaped moose change her life forever. They are what make life worth living, or sometimes ending. Part play, part gig, part installation, it is a passionate account of what it is to be English today. PIAF From the streets of Paris to worldwide fame, Edith Piaf continues to be remembered and revered for her execeptional voice and extraordinary life.

In this new edition of Piaf, Pam Gems has reworked her celebrated original, vividly capturing the glamour and squalor, the rise and fall of this complex, fragile and enigmatic performer. A couple desperate for a baby. A boy who has seen too much. Watching over them all are the saviours; policing us into being human, protecting us from a world which is riven with fear.

They call themselves the Lifesavers. Extraordinary stories, ordinary lives. These women, who live in our street, and drink in our local, share their stories with warmth, humour and candour, as they reveal the real lottery of war. Lucifer makes a wager with God and sets out to test the loyalty of his favourite son, King David, Man of Blood.

King David, Man of Blood re-spins a classic biblical tale to devastating moral effect, fetching up on a very modern shore, where horror, tragedy, comedy and a terrible beauty co-exist. Opening at the Colchester, Mercury A classic tale of espionage and cunning subterfuge in the Cuban capital, Our Man in Havana was written in and adapted for the big screen the following year. S May is an idealist. So when the old regime is destroyed, she is rewarded with a job as a prison photographer. Inspired by the experiences of the Tuol Seng prison in Cambodia.

Richard and Patricia Wiley, an elderly white couple, have sold their farm to developers. It is the evening before they are due to leave. Why did he leave all those years ago? What has brought him back? And why has he come now? Transferred to West End in The resulting play is funny, formally innovative, and utterly candid.

A new gripping psychological drama, The Girl in the Yellow Dress centres on a love story set in Paris between two apparently disparate characters, one a UK teacher and the other her Congolese student. A fascinating play from a leading South African writer. In the back streets of Monmartre, the Theatre du Grand Guignol opens its doors to an unsuspecting public. The plays performed, rife with madness and murder, are sold out every night. A black comedy, a psychological thriller and an unrepentant splatter-fest, Grand Guignol is a fantastic new play.

When a soldier returns home after serving in Afghanistan he tempts a newspaper editor with personal photos that seem to expose outrageous acts of brutality. But when their authenticity is questioned, how far can the story be spun to stop the real truth leaking out…. A secret, a spa in Bangkok and two naked Germans… With its razor sharp dialogue and lightning pace, Tough time, Nice time is challenging, vividly imaginative and utterly absorbing.

Covered in blood. This disturbing urban drama premiered at the Traverse Theatre in Sex, corruption and identity cards Not your run of the mill combination, but then again, Another Paradise is no run of the mill play. RSC production in As the bulldozers close in, Pearl falls in love with Joe, a boy from the local estate.

Can Joe prove himself to Pearl and her family before they are gone forever? Shraddha premiered at the Soho Theatre in October The crew sleep, eat and drill, silently shadow their target while longing for home. Their lives, both extraordinary and mundane, are shattered by a global crisis from which uniquely personal stories emerge.

Two dead dentists covered in lipstick makes for quite a week for the bumbling Detective Edwards. He gathers together a crack team of police minds to help him solve a case that seems to strike at the very heart of Middle England. Shadowed by betrayal, threatened by revenge, can Barbara escape her wicked life? Or will she be abandoned to a terrible fate? A huge crowd-pleaser, full wild, irreverent humour Chronicles of Long Kesh was the smash hit of the Edinburgh Festival Opened at the Tricycle Theatre in A moving and compelling account of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century whose struggle to accept his riches and praise became his ultimate undoing, premiered at the Donmar Warehouse in December Condemned to hang in the Criminal Court he spent the following 18 years on death row.

Don Mackay of the Daily Mirror was the only journalist to visit him in that time. A British Subject is the true account of what happened…. The Connor brothers have always had to look after themselves. Tom is the charming business man, while for Alex small things can be overwhelming. A beautiful new play about love. Adapted for stage, Apples is set on a Middlesbrough council estate. This astonishing piece of writing by 23 year old Richard Milward is an electrifying collision of Irvine Welsh and Virginia Woolf. Given her disreputable past, retired teacher Maggie Brodie knows she was a last minute choice for supply cover.

Being patronised by the idiotic young headmaster is an indignity she can just about endure. But her frustrations increase when a silent Somalian child in her class, whom Maggie is inexplicably drawn to, is believed by her family and community to be possessed. Opened at the Soho Theatre in Now the reclusive Mimi is barricaded in her rural hideaway as a paparazzo lurks outside, scrutinised by her watchful agent, and haunted by the memory of the boy all the other kids called God. Two men live in the same apartment block.

One likes long walks, Greek myths and foreign languages. Only this is no coincidence: one of them has been planning this moment for a very, very, very long time. There are family feuds. Violent but beautifully choreographed polemics collapse our safe ivory towers of political correctness, and the audience are compelled to sift through the wreckage to uncover the truth of their downfall in the shards of sound-bites, celebrity and brand recognition.

Written entirely in dynamic street verse, the piece places a lost voice back in the mouths of a strangled population, and asks fundamental questions about the Britain in which we live. Seventeen year old Tony has been accused of what has been called a racially motivated crime and goes on the run. But he has chosen to hide out in a place where Jamal, an African refugee is also hiding.

However, they must each set aside their preconceived prejudices as they discover things about themselves as human beings. A fan of the Kray twins, Banks proudly models himself on Reggie Kray and pushes his gentle giant of a brother, Arthur, into the subservient role of Ronnie. This is a black comedy about love, loyalty and not letting disability stand in the way of extreme violence.

ZERO Set twenty years from now, in the face of unabated nihilism, hundreds of torture camps have been created to extract information - at any cost - from those who aim to blow apart a world that is wealthy beyond its dreams. Alex, a translator at Camp Zero, wants to tell the world of the brutal regime within the walls of the camp, but as a consequence his life is suddenly in danger.

Survival is of course paramount, death may be inevitable, but the truth has to be told. Zero is chaotic, fast, and furious. The play takes an explosive and anarchic stare at the ethics of torture, and the curse of censorship. Premiered at Bristol Old Vic in This new play from her is a furious comedy confronting head-on our embarrassment and fear about old age.

It exposes a society in which compassion vies with pragmatism and, by asking unequivocal questions, it comes up with some extraordinary answers.

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But as her guilt becomes apparent, Myles is forced to doubt his most sacred principles, question his belief in the right to free speech and acknowledge that he too has been denying the past. At a dinner party, a cigarette box and and an ill-considered remark spark off a relentless series of revelations. A richly comic study of politics and wallpapering. The Lion storyteller Christmas book. West End production. Martin Sorrell, publ.

Premiered at The National Theatre in The building work on his extension is progressing well despite legal threats from his reactionary neighbour. The arrival of a circus from across the channel - with its anarchic forces of magic and comedy - impels these wounded men to confront their horrifying and entangled past.

Produced at the Finborough Theatre in October Mrs Reynolds is a little old lady. Jay is a troubled youth. It seems a recipe for disaster - but human beings are more complex than the headlines. Mrs Reynolds and the Ruffian explores human nature and friendship alongside the social climate of modern Britain giving a warm, funny and wise glimpse into the way we live now. Tom grows into a vigorous and lusty, yet honest and kind-hearted, youth.

This Child has been one of the most talked about plays in France exploring the feelings that bind parents and children together. Like everyone, Josefa needs a bit of a miracle to happen. But how long can anything perfect last? He has walked away from disaster and turned it into art.

As he prepares for the ultimate exhibition of his life, the headlines proclaim him unbreakable. But inside, Daniel is falling apart. His destiny collides with those of four other lost souls, helping them all to discover themselves and each other. A brave and brilliant new play about art, fame and death. Out tonight in Soho and falling in love. Two ten year olds are brought in for questioning. A third boy has gone missing. The investigator is gentle. The boys begin to talk. Static, a new co-production between Suspect Culture and Graeae Theatre Company, tells the story of a young woman who has lost her husband.

Discovering a compilation tape that he made but never gave her, she becomes convinced it contains a secret message. What could the tape mean - and is he trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave? This is the story of love born in a very dark place between a man who wants to belong and a woman who wants to be forgotten.

The Magic Tree is an exploration into human behaviour at a time when humanity seems determined to endlessly repeat the mistakes of the past. Whilst her parents throw verbal grenades at one another, they barely notice their 21 year old tenant starting to notice her. Based on true events, this is the story of women, and men, in love. An uplifting and passionate comedy about four friends trying to live together, two marriages struggling for survival and a group of writers striving for creativity in the midst of war.

Translated by David Tushingham A married couple live in what appears to be an ideal neighbourhood, protected from the dangers of the outside world. But what happens when this utopian world becomes a new form of prison? Helping her are best friend, Thea, and new man in her life, Josh. But is it now too late to tell her…?

Weaving in and out of the contemporary story are magical and timeless Chinese myths. A world of broken glass and beatings in the car park. They are learning the ABC. This is Poland, Our Class had its world premiere at the National Theatre in September The Civil War is over, the King has been executed, Oliver Cromwell has closed the theatres and the talk in the coffee houses is of revolution. Premiered by The RSC.

But then he gets a visit Hear the simpering paternalism of David Frost. Be touched by the religious furore over Life of Brian. Comprehend the true meaning of the coconuts in Monty Python and the Holy Grail! This play presents a unique cross-cultural collaboration entwining the themes of activism and climate change with a celebration of Brazilian culture. Trish leads a youth theatre group for Asian and White teenagers in Burnley, Lancashire.

Will Trish bring her utopian dream to a triumphant conclusion? A darkly comic journey through a land where a language is illegal, history is drowned and illusions have to die if you want to survive. Are the high-jinks of the tail-coated Riot Club boys the last gasp of a dying breed? In an oak-panelled room in Oxford, ten young bloods with cut-glass vowels and deep pockets are meeting, intent on restoring their right to rule. Members of an elite student dining society, the boys are bunkering down for a wild night of debauchery, decadence and bloody good wine.

Welcome to the Riot Club. Posh is premiering at the Royal Court in Will he defend his belief in the freedom of the press, or will he protect his family from the threats facing them? A political thriller bound to have you questioning your belief in the state and personal security. A middle-aged lady is moved by the autobiography of a famous, elderly painter. She proposes visiting the painter — a proposal he turns down. The play centres on Carl and Alex, friends since college, who are struggling to deal with the harsh realities of adulthood as they enter their 30s.

Disillusioned by work and struggling to keep their marriages alive, they are desperately trying to make sense of it all. Donmar Warehouse revival.

From Early Modern to Postmodern

As society whizzes by all around, they enter a world of dreams and nightmares. This new play for our time is brimming with savage humour, touching humanity and visual invention.

Pierre Corneille

Buy Three Masterpieces: "The Liar", "The Illusion", "Le Cid" (Absolute Classics) by Pierre Corneille, Ranjit Bolt (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book. Corneille: Three Masterpieces: "The Liar", "The Illusion", "Le Cid" (Absolute Classics) eBook: Pierre Corneille, Ranjit Bolt, Ranjit Bolt: Kindle .

A young woman arrives in a strange country. The country is Britain in A terrible incident and the truth is buried. Thirty-six years later, when the truth is dug up, a tortured Jennifer watches over her dying husband. Bones is a ruthless excavation of South Africa in and, in an age of retribution and revenge, it is an anthem for hope. Will we choose to be Animals or Angels?

He tries to make them believe that things could be different.

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But when people pray only for a brand new car or a large KFC bucket, the citizens of Brixton need a miracle to happen…. Inspired by the fables Kalila Wa Dimna, one of the masterpieces of Islamic culture, this play places the work in its historical context — Iraq, circa AD — one of the most turbulent moments in Eastern history and an age with many parallels to our own troubled times. First performed in English at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

His wife Desdemona admits to murdering him. But why would anyone confess to such a crime? Europe is divided. In homes everywhere, people debate the rights and wrongs of the war. Front a gang? Ride a motorbike? Or take piano lessons? A fast, funny play about potential. They battle silently as they grow aware of the deceit of the adult world. Together they are forced to confront the absurdity and loneliness of their mundane lives.

But year after year they return, drawn back to one another and the freedom of their isolated world. Provocative imagery and poetic language are suffused with a rich, dark humour in this intriguing collection of parables without morality. A compelling and provocative epic about the downfall of a ruling monarchy. This play reveals the strange turmoil of that night, as a man at the height of his fame turns to a complete stranger for advice. Lord Arthur Savile is secure, wealthy and engaged, but learns that he is destined to commit a murder.

How will he deal with the complexities of his now darkened destiny? To put it bluntly, whom should he kill? In this outstanding solo tour de force disgraced publishing magnate Robert Maxwell tries to persuade you of his point of view…if you can believe a word he says! About love, about hate — a play for our times. Truly alternative entertainment, not for the faint hearted or politically correct. Also available in Richard Bean Plays One, p Do these things worry you? Only Andy, the gauche youth who regularly turns up uninvited to borrow his power tools, can save him or destroy him.

Also available in Richard Bean Plays Two, p And theirs is no ordinary family business — the Robinsons are drug dealers. Three couples at different stages of life each spend an evening in the same hotel room. The connection between them reveals lives of hope, loss, achievement and failure. Under the Whaleback was joint winner of the George Devine Award.