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In some areas in the United States, including Bellingham, Washington, and in some countries, stores are not allowed to give them to customers. India is an example of that. She was so happy that I asked, and told me that they throw away tons of food every day that people just left behind. If you buy a flight ticket with a lot of stopovers, it sometimes looks cheaper than long-haul flights without any stops.

Remember though, that the hours waiting on the airport will make you bring out your wallet more than once for the overpriced food and the tempting Tax-Free products. Often it is also cheaper from the start to fly a long distance, and not only is it more comfortable, saves you time and money, but it actually makes a HUGE difference to the earth as well. Imagine if we all traveled like Rolf Potts!

Part of green travel is leaving the environment as you found it. Obviously, this means not harming the natural world, but it can also mean respecting the culture of the people who inhabit your destination. When you consider green travel possibilities, you probably envision unspoiled natural settings and visits to farmers markets where organic produce is available.

Try to visit urban gardens that promote sustainable practices, and look for restaurants that serve menu items featuring locally sourced ingredients. The tourism organizations in many popular destinations have recognized the importance of green travel. Accordingly, many of them have developed web pages devoted to promoting environmentally responsible travel in the area.

They may also point you in the direction of tour operators who have demonstrated a commitment to greener practices. Additionally, these websites typically highlight local attractions that feature education and innovation of an eco-conscious nature. Local science and technology museums can be wonderful places to explore the cutting edge of Earth-friendly practices.

Greener travel can be as simple as choosing to reuse your hotel towels or making certain that you turn off the lights and heat before you leave the room each morning. However, it is possible to venture deeper into the world of eco-tourism by making even more environmentally-conscious decisions.

Every individual is responsible for helping sustain mother earth, conserving natural resources and eliminating waste, whether at home or on the road. Green accommodations usually are locally owned, hire local staff, have recycling programs, minimize waste e. According to Seat Some travel specific ideas are:. Immerse yourself in and respect local culture by learning new customs and sustainability ideas while you travel. Hertz is widely known for offering convenient car rental locations at thousands of retail outlets all over the world.

These environmentally friendly vehicles, which often run on alternative fuels, are an excellent means for the eco-conscious traveler to keep going green while they are away from home. Now, Hertz is revolutionizing the process by which they keep their fleet clean, installing an innovative new car washing system in of its rental locations.

Moreover, the formula is highly concentrated, and only six to eight ounces of the fluid are required to completely clean a single car. This concentration also means that the formula is cheaper and easier to ship, resulting in further savings for the company and reducing the fuel used to ship the formula. As one would expect of technological innovations like this new car wash system, use of the formula also speeds up the process.

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On average, it takes only eight minutes to fully wash a car so that it is ready to go back into service. Over the next few months, Hertz will be going green at locations by rolling out the new car wash formula. In the spirit of going green, Hertz is also embarking on other environmental projects at its rental locations.

With movements toward sustainable development and eco-friendly initiatives like the innovative new car wash formula, it seems clear that Hertz is definitely anticipating a brighter future. Updated: September 27th, Most people prefer to plan days to appreciate the sights along the way during an Iceland Road Trip. Seeing the Northern Lights is one of the chief attractions for many people visiting Iceland. Your best chances of seeing the Northern Lights are between September and April when nighttime brings total darkness. That said, when conditions are right they can be seen from nearly any relatively underpopulated place in the country.

The seasoned Icelandic road tripper grows comfortable with relieving themselves in the wilderness. Rental agencies in the city will bring the hired car to the hotel or will arrange for transport for you to pick up the car. You may be able to get service that is just as reliable for a cheaper rate by going with one of the local agencies instead. Car hire companies in Iceland typically let you choose between unlimited and limited mileage plans. Again, private bathrooms tend to be in short supply, but many of these accommodations do have cooking facilities and are generally affordable.

Twenty-five hostels are also found throughout the country, making for another convenient and economical choice. The bad news is that people traveling from North America are unlikely to have a cell phone that will operate in Iceland. GSM phones will work nearly anywhere in Iceland, and being certain to buy or rent such a phone before leaving home is essential. Some travelers choose to buy an inexpensive cell phone upon landing in Iceland to ensure that it is appropriate for use in the country.

The park boasts other fantastic sites like the now inactive Great Geysir and the unpredictable and still quite active Strokkur. No one will want to miss the thundering Gullfoss Waterfall where magnificent amounts of water fall 32 meters in two dramatic stages. As you continue along the south coast, you may want to take a detour along the road that leads to Fljotshlid. This route provides an excellent view of the volcano known as Eyfjafjallajokull as well as other volcanoes and several glaciers.

Its history of erupting between every 50 and years means that it is now due or well overdue for another explosion. You may also choose to stop off at the sand plains of Skeidararsandur where you may be able to catch glimpses of a large seal population. Next come charming, traditional Icelandic villages like Djupivogur where you can take a fun photo stop next to the collection of granite, egg-shaped sculptures along the coastline and Faskrudsfjordur to visit the small but truly excellent Fransmenn a Islandi museum honoring the French fisherman who once trawled for cod in the area.

Back on the Ring Road, you might consider stopping at the hot springs at Namaskard and the indescribably blue water in the lake of the Viti crater. If whale watching is on your wish list, then the village of Husavik is a great place to book an excursion. Several tour companies operate in the area, and there is a wonderful whale museum that can supplement your experience. Husavik might also present you with an excellent chance to ride an Icelandic horse in connection with a fascinating tour of the local landscape. Perhaps one of the best opportunities for viewing reindeer can be had at Snaefellsjoekull National Park.

Highly trained guides take groups of visitors through the lava tubes to view fascinating ice formations. If your plans did not allow for it before your departure on the Ring Road, your return to the capital is an excellent chance to get to know the city better. Take a walking tour, enjoy the open air folk museum and try one of the great geothermal pools. Updated: September 17th, This type of amusement park focuses on the different ways of utilizing water to bring fun and entertainment for the whole family, especially the young ones. Its main features in the water play areas are lazy rivers; spray grounds; splash pads; water slides; plus bathing and swimming activities.

Australian Water Parks are favorite destinations for the family and fun-lovers during weekends and holidays. While the northern hemisphere suffers from snow storms and cold, bitter weather, the summer heat is taking its toll in Australia. It is owned and operated by Ardent Leisure that cares about the environment so they designed the efficient use of water in the Park. Since its opening, thousands of visitors declared that the park has met over and above their expectations. Ardent Leisure, who is co-located with Dreamworld, introduced its latest slide, the Triple Vortex.

More are expected as it has submitted a development application for the expansion of the water park and plans to add five new attractions. Not just an ordinary water park, WhiteWater World features ground breaking technology to deliver some serious splash. Since its opening, the park has entertained millions of visitors and it is No.

The Extreme H2O Zone latest attraction features are: a funnel slide, an enclosed and open tube slides and a large body slide complex. They are send down a steep slope before it returns at the other side in a boomerang-like fashion until they run out of speed and momentum. It is divided up among five different slides: sidewinders are two open flume slides that twist down to the bottom around the outside of the complex; the Jet streams are three high speed body slides; and the central slide is a free fall to the splashdown area The outer two are similar, but it traverses down the slope twisting in a snake-like fashion.

So many other WetnWide Water attractions are available that a whole day is inadequate to try them all. In the magical medieval kingdom lives the Lovable Dragon, Yarli with his younger sibling Yarlotte, grandpa Yarold and their fairy friend Flossy. Adventure Park is the first water park in Victoria and located in Wallington near Geelong. Come to Water Park in Geelong anytime to find some of the most fun and exciting rides in Victoria! The best option to keep cool under the hot Gold Coast sun is to spend time in this family-friendly place that everyone will love.

The resort is family-friendly where you and your kids can bond and cool off at the aquatic playground of SpongeBob Splash Bash or watch the sharks, pet the seals and dolphins at the Animal Adventures. You can also enjoy the slides and pools at the Water Park while the kids meet their favorite Nickelodeon characters on site.

For privacy, you can hire one of the trendy cabanas on the poolside complemented by its own private shaded enclosure including amenities as: a couple of lounge chairs, a comfortable sofa, towels, magazines, and free use of refrigeration and television. As guests at Sea World Resort, you will have unlimited access to the Water Play aqua playground in the main pool area.

Completed in December was the Clover leaf raft that loops and twists down the hill before dropping into the huge funnel and shooting out into the splash pool. Behemoth Bowl for riders to whirl around in spiral inside the huge bowl before plunging into the pool. When you finish a water slide, you will easily get straight into the river and find your way around to enjoy more rides. Raft Ride in Mammoth Mountain consists of two big flumes that twists water rafts while turning down the mountain.

The Rocket is a coaster that employs the maglev technology to push people along the tube and up the hill. Due to hectic lifestyle today, a quiet and peaceful venue is needed where you can relax, rest, enjoy and wash off stresses and anxieties that are part and parcel of your daily survival. Updated: May 13th, Here are the changes I made to my traveling lifestyle which really helped me to enjoy each moment more. Important to get back into a routine after traveling. But often this list of fun stuff can easily turn into a Must-Do list which normally ends up equaling stress.

All of a sudden I found myself rushing and stressing while obsessively ticking off my To-Do list, not actually enjoying myself at all. No matter how much you like adventure, action and uncertainty, we all need some routines in order to feel good. I found that making a routine for small things such as specific times when to eat breakfast and lunch made a big difference. Just slow your pace and learn to enjoy the moment — let the stress simply wash away. For example, planning a few days before how and when to get to the airport will save you a lot of stress and anxiousness.

For example, Blacklane provides a taxi alternative in more than cities. Instead ask yourself if there is anything you can do about it, if not, then accept it and let it go. This is something I had to practice for a while, but when I started learning how to deal with it, everything suddenly had a complete different flow, and I was actually happier.

Get over it fast! Analyze it a bit, and try to remember when it started and if there are any connections to your traveling.

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There are, of course, several ways in which free will is limited. John Smart: totara bowl. Hinds for many years has had letter exchange with links in the UK. No ears. He eats guinea pig in Peru, fishes for eel with his bare hands to make a Maori dish in New Zealand and forages for hearts of palm in Morocco. James Berardinelli. Related creatures outside the genus include the peccary, the babirusa, and the warthog.

Experts say that the best way to manage stress is through exercise. These give you a feeling of happiness and affect your well-being. Exercising when traveling can be tough, but a simple walk can be make you feel better. If your life has some kind of structure, you will feel safer and more certain no matter where in the world you are. To wake up every day at the same time and go for a walk before breakfast, or having your meals at specific times of the day.

It also comes down to how you as an individual handle stress and new situations. Another important factor is to try and be in the moment and actively be grateful for your life and everything around you. Take the world one step at a time, and you will find you can travel for a very long time and STILL enjoy it as much as your first day away. I keep doing it and keep looking for those opportunities all the time, despite being really scared of trying them.

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I even surprised myself when I hit the ball and it somehow ended up 30 meters behind me rather than in the hole 20 meters in front of me. It annoyed me even more that Nathan just picked up the game as though he had played it his whole life — as usual. Surfing was one of those things I fell in love with — the first few weeks in Australia I spent the whole time getting wiped out and after swallowing half the ocean I crawled up on the beach like a drowned rat telling myself that I would never ever go surfing again. This has repeated itself over and over again with me — from surfing, skiing and playing golf.

Who knows, maybe if I try golf in Scotland when we head there later this year and give it a second chance, I would like it better. Everybody knows that before we can enjoy our holiday we have to grit our teeth and get through the stress, panic, hustle and bustle of the day with the capital D … Departure Day. And on the day of departure you run around the apartment making up worst case scenarios of the bus not arriving in time or the taxi not arriving at all. But there is an easier way to avoid all, or at least most, of the agony associated with pre take-off logistics.

Being woken up by a phone call and having a shuttle bus waiting for you in the lobby was so worth it. Airport hotels used to have a bad rep because it really was only seen as a purely functional option, but hotel companies are starting to change that now…. One of the funkiest affordable airport hotels in Europe is probably CitizenM in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

This futuristic hotel is perfect for the heavily jet lagged traveler: you can lie in your XL King Size bed and control everything in the room from a touch screen mood pad: from your alarm theme music to the tv to the temperature. Imagine spending the day before departure right next to the airport doing a cooking class, cocktail making class, or enjoying a luxury spa. Rather than arrive at the terminal wound up, flustered and in a panic about missing check-in you can arrive after a ten minute transfer calm, rested, fed and with a big smile on your face and with plenty of time on your hands.

Applying for a Visa Waiver. The last thing you want to do is have multiple suitcases and a lot of stuff because then you have to lug them around throughout the trip. If you are going on an extended trip, careful planning and smart packing are important. Even when you stay at a budget hotel or a holiday rental, you can always find a nearby shop that sells them. Yes, rolling works. Any avid traveler will tell you that rolling clothes when packing is the way to go. There are two main advantages to be gained from rolling.

When you do pack an extra pair of shoes, simply stuff socks inside shoes and then wrap them in cling film or shower caps. All you have to do to make the combination last the entire trip is mix and matching different fashion pieces. Business trips are trickier, but Michael Palance — a Hollywood actor and producer who travels a lot for his work — gave us a very handy tip: do laundry!

Yes, you can find laundry services in most cities these days, so the clothes you bring could last a couple of weeks without a problem. You can bring a few Ziploc bags with you and use them for storing anything from toiletries to chargers and cables. Last, but not least, use Ziploc bags to pack smaller items such as accessories or jewelry. These bags will keep those small items from making your suitcase or backpack cluttered and keeps like items together. Personal Travel Agent — The dawn of the internet has reduced the amount of travel agents in operation within the United States.

Some travel agents have continued to provide customers with a superior service in comparison to their online rivals. Take a Break Travel, an agency based in Florida, has revamped the way modern travelers can tour the world. Their ability to bulk purchase flights and hotels means that ordinary people can pick up industry savings without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Many online providers boast the ability to be able to provide customers with the cheapest flight and hotel deals. While it is true that travel sites can help save customers money , travel agents have more purchasing power than any individual traveler. Purchasing package deals from Take a Break Travel helps you take advantage of the savings passed on to industry operators.

The travel agency negotiates with different airlines and hotel providers to purchase rooms and flights at the cheapest rates. When you first make contact Take a Break Travel you will be paired with a personal agent that is responsible for all your travel needs. Each travel agent specializes in a specific location and has a wealth of knowledge of both local hotels and activities.

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If your flight is cancelled or delayed you may have to pay large sums upfront and negotiate with your travel insurance provider afterwards. This can be a stressful problem, and potentially leave you with large bills during the middle of your trip. Booking through Take a Break Travel ensures that you have the security of a large travel agency behind all of your bookings. In addition, you can save considerable amounts of money by booking a packaged deal through their agency.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida based travel agency, has emerged as a industry leader in customer satisfaction. The agency has made considerable investment to ensure that all customers are paired with a personal travel agent responsible for planning every aspect of their trip. The agency is hoping that more clients will take advantage of their affordable travel packages prior to the summer holiday season.

Many travelers who enjoyed trips with Take a Break Travel over the spring break and winter periods have been providing testimonials about the professionalism of the company. Long-term clients love the flexibility on offer with the various destinations throughout the United States and the rest of the world. All trips are backed with travel insurance to make sure there are no unexpected hiccups or costs during your journey.

Despite many modern travelers opting to book through independent websites, Take a Break Travel insists there is still considerable value in booking their packaged deals. We urge anyone planning on taking a holiday in the near future to contact one of our personal travel agents to see what deals we have on offer for your desired location. Those who want to take advantage of the various locations on offer should contact Take a Break Travel.

However, some tourists do prefer to extend their pursuit of exploring and encountering new experiences to their choice of accommodations as well. Themed hotels are popping up all over the world, and they aim to offer something new that will set them apart from other hotels out there. People are now given more options that extend beyond just a comfy bed and a clean room, to hotels that offer a unique, unforgettable experience to their customers.

While a bit futuristic and definitely unconventional, Capsule Inn is gaining quite the popularity among travelers and locals who travel on business who seek for practicality. But a lot of women are also considering these hotels as convenient, budget-friendly, and safe space to spend the night. They specialize in dog-themed art, and they initially became famous for their line of dog-shaped carvings. Guests are even treated with some sweet dog-shaped biscuits for them upon checking into their room.

Another highlight that guests can enjoy in this place is their family recipe of the best fruit granola, using fruits that are harvested from the prairie. Dog Bark Park Inn is of course, friendly to pets as well, and can accommodate your furry pals for an added fee. Located beside Siskiyou National Forest , this bed and breakfast offers more than just cozy tree house accommodation, but also boasts a ton of activities you can do on the site.

The most popular activity here is their expansive zip lines, and they have several zip lines that are highly enjoyable and offer a unique view of the forest. For adrenaline thrill-seekers, they have a Tarzan Swing is a 50 feet pendulum swing hung atop the tall trees. Rafting, tree climbing and hiking are also among the many outdoor activities you can do at this place.

This is a refreshing and incredible destination for family vacations, and stepping away from the city environment to get a dose of nature. For those people who are on the fence about camping, perhaps sleeping in a tree house will sound more appealing and comfortable, as some of these tree houses have built in bathrooms as well. Reservations to this place should be made at least a year ahead as this place gets a lot of guests for obvious reasons stated above. With eco-tourism on the rise, and people waking up to pursue more sustainable lifestyle choices, Whitepod in Switzerland is a great destination for those who would like to enjoy a more down-to-earth, nature-filled experience without harming the environment or disregarding comfort.

Pods are equipped with comfortable, luxurious amenities such as organic bedding, wood-burning stove, tea kitchen, and a terrace. They promote biodiversity, and try to minimize the use of lights in the evening for the benefit of the animals and wildlife cohabiting in that area.

Aside from that, the pods change in color depending on the season that enables it to blend with the surrounding nature, so it changes from green to white. They also advocate the reduction of waste by purchasing their supplies in bulk to reduce the use of single-use packaging, which then reduces the use of fuel and carbon emissions. However, there are also bubbles that offer a bit more privacy by being just partially transparent, too.

Noise-free blowers keep these bubbles inflated and acts as the air filtration and recycling system. They also have telescopes and star charts on site, which guests can use for stargazing activities. Each location has only 6 bubbles on site, which helps preserve the tranquil, serene atmosphere, and ensures that the level of privacy is always high.

These bubble rooms are great options to stay for a unique but comfortable experience to be surrounded by beautiful, natural scenery. The next time you travel to these countries, stray away from the norm of commercial, luxury hotels, and do give these unusual hotels to your itinerary. But did you know that some of them have been converted into hotels? Even if you thought you knew all the travel secrets out there, you might have missed this one. There are also beautifully groomed gardens that invite visitors to walk around for hours of peaceful discovery.

Your children will don the Hogwarts school robes and meet new wizard friends while cooking with house elves, practicing magic, and enjoying their own special banquet before a movie. Just minutes from the Shannon Airport and a short drive to the Wild Atlantic Way, the Dromoland Castle is the perfect place to explore these wonders. This prestigious hotel is family-friendly and offers kids clubs during peak school and summer breaks. They offer falconry, archery, boating, and a tour by jaunting car, which is a horse and buggy made for sightseeing.

Not far from the castle, families can enjoy a hands-on Irish history lesson at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. This is a special attraction featuring traditional homes brought from across Ireland to create a living history village surrounding the 15th-century fortress. Located just five miles from Dublin Airport and two miles from the heart of the city is Clontarf Castle.

Rooms are available in a variety of boutique schemes from contemporary to elegant to extravagant suites with dressed four-poster beds and views of the mountains and the sea. If you need to do a little work, there are in-room USB chargers as well as U. The Ballynahinch Castle is an unpretentious castle hotel set on a private acre estate of woodland, rivers, and trails.

Located in the heart of Connemara County Galway, the castle is near a famous salmon fishery and is surrounded by the beautiful 12 Bens mountain range.

test9.expandit.io/cooking-up-something-hot-five-explicit-erotica.php Situated on acres of deep green grass, ancient trees, and a stunning shoreline, the manor is now a 21st-century destination that maintains the charm, elegance, and glory of that time period. Each luxurious bedroom in this Irish castle is tailored for maximum enjoyment and complete comfort. If a requirement for your vacation is not only exploring Irish castles but also practicing your golf swing, then Waterford Castle fits the bill. Set on acres of parkland and garden and surrounded by a 9-hole golf course, if offers so much to explore both indoors and out.

Wander through the magnificent reception rooms, or find a cozy corner or fireside to relax with a book. Then, immerse yourself in the warm and friendly culture, beautiful scenery and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of staying in a historical Irish castle. The mosquitoes will find the small parts of his body that we missed. The problem is real; mosquitoes are dangerous. How to protect against mosquitoes?

Mosquito facts While mosquitoes are unlikely to go away anytime soon, they are a problem that can be dealt by taking some precautions. Mosquito facts Both male and female mosquitoes feast on nectar. Only the female mosquitoes seek out the protein in blood for her eggs. In the United States, there are types of mosquitoes How to protect against mosquitoes All mosquitoes need water to breed, so eradication and population-control efforts usually involve removal or treatment of standing water sources.

But what about that career? A more general but also very beneficial option is to teach English abroad. There are both jobs where you volunteer for free as well as jobs that actually pay you a salary. Just Want to Travel? You will be working on completely your university degree.

Hopefully, you will work on learning the native language there. You should also enjoy traveling around and see as many places as you can. Was the first thing that came to my mind — how the hell did we get here?! Here are a few things we have learned during our 1st year of blogging. Blogging Is Easy — Travel Blogging Is Not Travel on a resume Sitting at a desk in a nice ergonomic chair with your laptop, having all day to work, food in the fridge and a home to live in, is far away from the reality of a travel blogger.

It has really taken our travels to a whole different turn. Just try to remember that all good things take time. Without Passion You Lose The Drive Traveling on a resume To keep up a blog, you need to have a true passion for what you do, or else you can stop doing it right away. We want to share our travels, our thoughts and our tips, and we want to do it on our own terms. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. What we have noticed, though, is that some of those tweeks sometimes make a big difference. Put a plugin here or there, and you can either lose subscribers or gain subscribers.

Bloggers interact and share with each other. Who knew a blog could be life changing in such a way? Our YouTube Fans are Awesome! Every Path in Life Has S acrifices. Updated: May 1st, Which are the top 10 best luxury safari camps in Africa — this is of course debate-able as its not always the most expensive which are the best, this all depends on what exactly you want from your safari.

The light here is almost ethereal which we think must be why the place seems so magical. They come complete with roll top copper baths, sitting rooms and four poster beds. The views of the lagoon mean that game viewing can take place from your veranda. Here you will still see huge herds of elephant and buffalo, and predators around every corner. Tswalu is modern and chic and the desert lifestyle here is romantic and incredibly rewarding.

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Set on the Makgadikgadi Pans this camp must feel as it feels to be on the moon. Saruni Samburu, Samburu, Northern Kenya A large part of the charm of this luxury lodge is the charismatic local Samburu who run it. The views from the lodge are breathtaking and you can often see elephants and other game below. In fact the rock where Saruni is built is a favorite place for leopard.

Wolwedans, Namibia Wolwedans in Namibia is a vast private reserve, which has several accommodation options, each more luxurious than the first. Here the emphasis is on desert life and the vast mountains range from purple to bright red. Star gazing here is also second to none and one has never felt so remote as you feel here. Chinzombo, South Luangwa, Zambia Chinzombo is the latest offering from professional safari operator Norman Carr and it does not disappoint. If you consider yourself an avid wildlife lover, consider exploring the following 5 best wildlife safari destinations in Africa: Your African Safari Botswana Safaris Botswana is blessed with some of the greatest wildlife and safari experiences in Africa.

It is the country with most number of elephants in the world. The wildlife treasure of Botswana includes everything from abundant bird life to rhinos. There are more than 40 nature reserves and national parks in this East African country. Leopards and lions are simple part of landscapes in Kenya. You can see wild lions padding in front of your vehicle at the Ngorongoro Crater. Plan your Africa trip today and make memories of lifetime. This is unsurprising considering the extraordinary wildlife sights you can see while there. Of course the mountain gorillas are very enticing.

There are also a number of luxury hotels that are only a short commute away. Just imagine a beautiful sunset as the backdrop to a rare rhino drinking from a watering hole. Or imagine witnessing a pride of lions stalking their prey. Accompanying the wildebeest are often zebra and gazelle. Of course, wherever they are, there will sure to be carnivores such as leopards and lions. All of which get rich pickings to see them through the leaner months of the dry spell. You can get the latest migration update right. Maasai People Although no longer allowed to make their homes in the reserve itself, Maasai people are a colorful and elegant race of people who live a nomadic existence.

For centuries they have lived in harmony with this amazing place. Made this for someone a while back and cut it up last night for no real reason in particular than it's cute and someone might be a crazy rhino lady and need proof. Send me a message on here or Facebook! Captain Marvel is fierce, but so is Goose! I made a few flerken designs last night for fun and love them.

Proud flerken mom right here! Anyone else? Anyone else obsessed with Captain Marvel? This was a custom order for a friend who loved the film and I love the way it turned out! This little beauty was sent off to it's new home today! I love seeing what you all choose for your designs and creating new ones, too. These cutlery bags are a pet project of mine and I love that some of you have embraced them, too. I have officially. A whole slew of orders going out this morning to some hard working zoological professionals! Is there one headed your way? I truly love getting to make these custom just for you with the animals who have your hearts.

Thank you all for for your suppo. Simple and classy, just like a Hufflepuff! Finally ready to cut all the order from a few weeks ago. I appreciate your patience while I. In honor of St. Patrick's Day and in thanks for most of you being pretty great about unanticipated delays this past week, I figured I would throw together a sale for you all in the form of ready-to-ship mystery packs! One of my favorite things about running Ravenclassy is getting to know keepers and having them turn into friends and making small gifts for them.

Last year, I made the lovely Eva a surprise iron-on when she ordered a boatload of them for her trip to. This is why you don't tell me, "I want a cute saying on my bag," because this is what I came up with while tired. Fortunately, the customer who ordered it loved the idea! I love silly things like this and lovethis bag! Thanks to everyone for your su. To order, simply comment on this post on either Facebook or Instagram and I will send you a message later today. Thank you t. If you've been longing for one of these two designs or have been eager to treat a friend or co-worker, now's the time!

This is the cheapest they'll be for a long time! Decals can be cut in any standard vinyl color in stock. A friend of mine who works at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge asked me to make a custom fan club design for a handsome little roan antelope named Linus who lives there! Apparently he had quite the fan club! The fun part about this is that the silhouett. I enjoy sharing my personal projects with you all, so I thought I would share this since I know a couple of you also appreciate the How to Train Your Dragon franchise and are probably excited for the last film in the series arriving next week!

So glad you pegged him right away! A new addition to to Conservation Heart lineup - I was asked to make this to go with the pangolin heart for an order and sent it off earlier this week! I love how it turned out! Perfect little reminder of a dolphin who so needs our help! One more of these because this one is pretty great, too. Sometimes the perfect photo presents itself. My whale valentine decal with the model himself on the right even showing the correct side! I love when an idea turns out better than you had hoped! I had an idea earlier today turn turned these guys into a reality!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with one,. I love it. A fun custom for a keeper"s kid who wanted their own decal after seeing their mom's keeper decal. Too cute! Now for something wildly different and outside my skill set and wheelhouse - a mandrake "purse" I made with a removable mandrake for a Potter event this past weekend! Believe it or not, this started as a plush doll from the dollar store and morphed.

I was sad to hear about the passing of Kayla at SeaWorld Orlando this morning. I've enjoyed knowing her from afar for years upon years and teaching park guests about her and her kind. She was a remarkable Ambassador for her species and she will be so. During my dear friend's two year anniversary sale, I asked for a surprise design on one of her cutlery bags for my reusable straw and bamboo utensil set. I hate to be trouble, but I truly adored every single one of her designs that I have ever seen.

Would you be willing you send these photos to me on FB? I thought I would share a few more photos and details with you all - enjoy! I'm really happy with how it turned out! During my sale, my friend, Ayesha, bought a cutlery bag and asked me to surprise her with something not something I generally do and offered up that she loved sea turtles and mermaids and bright, happy colors. Initially, I was at a loss. I could m. Join us in congratulating Jessie Rene Yates as the winner of our two-year giveaway winner!

Congratulations Jessie! Expect a DM from us on Facebook very soon! Thanks to everyone who supported us the past few weeks! I'm always so happy to make these cutlery bags for people because I know it will help them make smarter choices in using reusable items over single-use plastic! Even better when it's Potter themed!


I can't wait for you to get it! Our sale has been extended through the end of this upcoming Saturday!!! The giveaway had been extended, too! Thank you for the past 2 years of support, we are hosting a week-long sale. It is no accident that in many languages a single word does triple duty, meaning wind, life and spirit. And life is music; the music that souls make as they celebrate incarnation.

Misaligned incarnations result in cacophony, while aligned souls harmonize with the music of the Metaverse. What kind of music emerges when the percussion section is not listening to the string section; or the woodwind section to the brass section? I regularly attend a local symphony orchestra called, Pena Creek. So, here I am sitting on a little bluff some twenty feet above the creek.

A gentle zephyr is ruffling the surface of a sleeping pool making it gurgle happily like a semi-awake, absentmindedly-suckling infant at the breast. Then the zephyr softly caresses the tall grasses which grow impossibly from a cleft in a soil-less rock in midstream, causing them to whistle like a chorus of concert flutes.

On the opposite shore, a strong, deliberate wind is playing among the redwoods. They sway sensuously from their knees up, groaning with the pleasure of the touch. I hear them whisper my secret, sacred name, which is known only to my soul. When I turn my face into the wind and play with the shapes and sizes of my oral orifice, it produces all known human vowel sounds. I am a spirit practicing the languages of Gaia. Though I live 17 miles from the ocean, I can sometimes smell and taste the salt air.

And, after a satisfying noon meal, as I sit on the deck, the breeze will sing a lullaby, as it gently presses my eyelids shut for a post-prandial nap, so that I can dream of the other miracles it is creating. John Garry, beside whom I had the privilege of working for some of my 14 years in Kenya, is the best missionary I have ever known.

And missionary is really mission -ary, somebody on a mission, a person of purpose. On the day I took over from him in Kipsaraman Catholic Mission — high in the hills of Baringo in the Rift Valley of East Africa — the parishioners came in huge crowds to honor him and give him gifts of maize, eggs, hens and goats. The Parish Council had organized a great farewell celebration and even rented a microphone and loudspeakers for the occasion. The reason John was leaving Kipsaraman — a mission he had built from scratch — was that our missionary order — The St.

In fact, John would subsequently be abducted by a rebel band and frog-marched over a period of several months before being set free. Gratefully, he is still hale and hearty as of this writing. I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if you lead me; I will hold your people in my heart. This was a promise made not just by Isaiah nor by Fr. John Garry, but by every soul currently incarnated. Each of us is here because our hearts are bursting with love for humanity. Alas, incarnation creates amnesia and most of us have forgotten our fervent promise and are either sleepwalking our way through life or even consciously cursing our lot.

In this two-part essay, I will suggest four questions that might allow us to dissolve the forgetting, reignite the promise and rekindle the love. Firstly, I need to say who God is not. He is not the dysfunctional, rage-aholic parent who threw his pre-rational kids Eve and Adam out of the Garden of Eden for the childish act of eating forbidden fruit. Nor is he the cosmic psychopath who, in a fit of pique, wiped out all of creation in a flood. Neither is he the prototype for Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan… displacing nations and mandating his followers to conduct organized, serial genocides.

And God is neither a law-maker, a law-giver, a law-enforcer, nor a law-punisher. There are no human categories capable of articulating the Isness of God, even though we regularly experience it. The best we can do is to separate the Transcendent, ineffable, mystical gnosis from the Immanent, incarnated expressions in Nature-writ-cosmically-large.

Pantheism the notion that God is the sum total of the manifest realms is utterly inadequate. Perhaps, Panentheism the notion that God is both the sum total of the manifest realms and infinitely more, about which we can say nothing; nor even experience is less inadequate. If Nature is Hamlet, then God is Shakespeare, who was much more than all of his published works. It is the gap — the vast separation in scale — between the ego and the soul that creates all of human suffering.

The ego is a single star, utterly convinced that it is the All-Seeing Eye of God, and regarding all other stars as pretenders to the throne. The ego is necessary for the experience of incarnation just as long as it realizes it is the servant of the soul and not its master. It is the chauffeur in the limo of life not the VIP resting in the back seat. All human suffering — personal, interpersonal and even international — comes when separate, insecure but inflated egos battle for the top of the pyramid of power.

History — personal, tribal and global — bears gruesome testimony to the results of this megalomania. He is totally lost until he spots of group of black-clad, grey-bearded, somber-looking Amish men in the distance. It bespeaks a special relationship but, initially, one based on geographical proximity rather than quality of connection.

Each soul is committed to two levels of mission. Firstly, to grow in love as an incarnated individual; and, secondly, to be part of the team that shifts the world into Christ Consciousness. Let me examine each part. We are born with two basic emotions: fear and love. When love is inner-directed, it becomes self-esteem; and when it is outer-directed, it becomes compassion.

All of these then combine and permute to create all of the other vices and virtues. In effect, all vices are simply fear in different environments; and all virtues are simply love in different environments. The individual mission, then, is to work on developing a few forms of love e. The hand that you were born with is the hand that you pre-planned in the bardo before you incarnated. Mostly, however, we preen ourselves on our talents until the ego begins to look like the Pillsbury Doughboy, and we project our problems onto others and then throw stones at them.

Any vice, in reaction to the behavior of others, is a waste of the drama set up specifically to teach us to love. You chose these very opponents for the expressed purpose of improving your own skill set. So, we are all learning different virtues. Getting angry at people who major in English Lit because you are majoring in Physics is to misunderstand the whole idea of a university. To indicate the scale of this breath-taking vista, he has included the figure of a human standing beside an enormous tree. This is the hubris, the illusion, the ego-driven original sin that turns miracles into mere matter, and measures out eternity in train schedules.

That seems to be the defiant manifesto of most people. This should be an easily dismissed illusion but the fragile, paranoid ego is expert at creating a pastiche of real past events, distorted past events and fictitious past events. And let me add a sidebar here to distinguish between sensations and perceptions. So, each memory is but a tiny slice of a real event; which means that my identity is built entirely of faulty, partial and incomplete data.

So, can we ever shift out of that very limited perspective? The result is that we operate from a new physics in which time, causation, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy etc. Reality is then a dance between the mind and the astral body, a much subtler one than the physical spacesuit. Once more, the self is much extended. And, of course, that can activate the imagination which is the most creatively important artistic, scientific and mystical faculty we possess.

This is what Hinduism calls, Ananda bliss. There is absolutely no sense of a separate self. The mystical literature says that even in deep dreamless sleep, the enlightened ones have a sense of radical union with Awareness Itself — no separate self, no contents in the mind, only pure Consciousness. Does that remind you a little of an infant?


Loona Sea & the Nissan Wildebeest follows the adventures of Elana Holl Lewis and her sister, Sara Luce, as they struggle to survive what's known in their rather . Loona Sea & the Nissan Wildebeest follows the adventures of Elana Holl Lewis and her sister, Sara Luce, as they struggle to survive what is.

And, most importantly, its memory bank for this incarnation is pretty much showing a zero balance. Sensations and emotions pass through, do their shtick and depart without trace. Do you live here? Yes, I remember that! Each child, for all its flashbacks, will have to encounter the long, arduous journey of incarnation; to be marinated in the crucible of life and so, learn to love no matter the circumstance.

This is a task taking many, many lifetimes. And what about the other bookend of that journey? Such people can still have new experiences, but lack the capacity to store them. Not only may they forget events, and the names of loved ones, but may even lack any personal information, including their own names. Is that what enlightenment looks like?

Is it merely a volitional, self-imposed, advanced form of dementia? There are subtle but important differences. The enlightened one will still have sensations though the perceptions will always be loving, compassionate ones and will experience both emotions and ideas, but will not identify with them. So, such a one will not act out in fear, anger, anxiety, greed…. Enlightenment allows the dust particles of memory to settle, so that an ego-less, soul-filled view of reality occupies the entire screen of awareness. A month before my 18 th birthday, I entered the seminary and was overawed at the heavenly aspects of it.

Here, I was the obedient son of an infallible pope, verily the vicar of Christ himself. I was now part of a Missionary Society whose Superior General was an ethereal archangel; being educated by priests who were angelic beings who celebrated private Eucharists at small side altars where they whispered sacred Latin incantations which turned bread into God. I got to watch older seminarians whom I regarded as angels-in-training. And I myself was so lucky to have joined this assembly line of angel making! As the scales began to fall from my eyes, and as I began to study Church history and watch international politics, I was determined never to allow myself to be scandalized; surprised, yes; shocked even, but never scandalized.

Goodness is there for the harvesting. It must have been a trifle crowded on board; not to mention quite stinky. I wonder did he fetch them in smaller vessels and ship them back to the Middle East? And, of course, he had to put the larger animals elephants, rhinos, hippos, etc … in the lowest level of the Ark, under the waterline to act as ballast. It was a logistical nightmare! About days into the flood, things began to get pretty rocky. Noah was still upset that he had been forced to abandon his grandfather, Methuselah, who had just turned and whom he dearly loved, while being pressured to make space for hyenas, skunks and boa constrictors.

He himself was years of age and could get quite cranky after a nap. For their part, they gossiped continually about her, behind her back, and once put a tarantula on her pillow. Everybody was fed up with having to eat manna and muesli day after day. They got seasick; regularly. And there were constant squabbles about whose turn it was to do potty patrol.

Meanwhile the three sons constantly got into arguments with each other; and Ham would get really cross when his brothers Shem and Japhet asked him, at meal times, if he felt like a sandwich. Occasionally, it came to fisticuffs. But the biggest problem, by far, was the boredom. So, the boys invented cockfighting, dog-fighting, bull-fighting and even fights between the elephants and the rhinos. This terrified their mother and their wives, who threatened to tell Noah, but it was far too much fun, so they continued to have these great beasts do battle with each other.

He pulled it back and returned to the fray; the boys cheered and a trickle of water began to seep into the ship. The rhino charged again; and missed again; he breached the wall a second time, shook his head free and returned, once more, to the battle. The boys cheered even louder; a torrent of water began to pour into the ship.

By now the elephant was thoroughly annoyed; so, getting his two great tusks under the belly of the rhino, he flung him across the ship; and the hull shattered. The boys stopped cheering as seawater rushed in. A very surprised shark was sucked into the Ark and caught his first glimpse of a giraffe. Luckily for them, before he could come below decks, to reprimand them, the Ark had sunk, with the loss of all lives. In ten terrifying minutes all the humans, animals, mammals, birds and insects of Planet Earth were gone.

Making man in our own image and likeness was a harebrained idea to begin with. So now, my dear listener, you have two choices: you can stop reading at the end of Genesis chapter 8 or you can continue to read the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures and all of the New Testament right up through Revelation chapter 22; but the Bible version and my version are headed for the same ending. Each group would create a brand-new, totally different drama.

Psychodrama — a therapeutic technique done in a group format — does precisely that. For example, four people might be assigned roles as a mother, a father and two teenaged kids. The father is an engineer, the mother a CFO of a multinational, the son a popular student and quarter back for his school and the daughter a sophomore who has just been suspended for smoking pot in the school yard.

It quickly becomes a very accurate psycho-diagnostic technique. Each person is therefore embedded in a global drama that spans all of history and covers all corners of the Earth. What lesson does each member want to sign up for? They get to play using only an initial scenario. Thereafter, there is neither pre-determined plot nor pre-programmed lines to be committed to memory. They had played it differently. What might this notion of parallel lives look like? Imagine a chess master who is playing twenty simultaneous matches Bobby Fischer in at age 21, played 50 simultaneous matches, winning 47, drawing two and losing one!

Around this chess master, in a great circle, each seated at a separate table, are twenty chess players of varying abilities. The chess master walks from table 1 onwards responding to the moves of each contestant. Let me use one other metaphor. I remember the first time I ever got a music CD that I could play on my computer.

I clicked on the icon and it showed that the disc contained 13 songs. It gave me the title, the singer and the duration of each piece. Initially, I simply hit the PLAY button and listened as it belted out the songs in the prearranged order. That metaphor, and its four iterations, just about sums up my thinking about incarnation, its purpose and how it works. Though I had known about reincarnation, as taught by Hinduism and in some schools of Buddhism, as well as in Celtic and many other mythologies, and though I had lived among the Kalenjin peoples of East Africa for 14 years, who had a very strong belief that the ancestors were reborn within the family, I regarded all of these as interesting but unscientific and, therefore, unfounded.

Then in the Fall of , at a Perinatal workshop led by Barbara Findeisen, I had my own, very powerful and life-changing experience of being a young Nepalese woman giving birth to her firstborn. Subsequently, after being trained in hypnosis and self-hypnosis, I have recalled a total of eleven other lifetimes in Ireland, England, Italy, Germany and Russia. In examining this entire series of lifetimes, it quickly became obvious that, if I treated them chronologically, I see-sawed between more aligned and less aligned lifetimes.

This seemed counter intuitive so I quickly came up with two possible explanations. Firstly, that time is made up and, therefore, that chronology was a very poor template of evolution. So, I rearranged the lifetimes to reflect a gradual developmental alignment with Love. This made a lot more sense than being manacled by a chronological calendar. Thus, my wins, losses and draws may reflect the quality of my opponents i. When the Word became flesh — and each of us is a Word of God made flesh — it was to harvest all manifestation in the service of the One Immutable Source.

The last four months of our calendar are out of synch by two! Whom shall we blame? It was the Romans who did it. Originally, their calendar had only ten months; and the year, appropriately enough, began in March — which contains the Spring Equinox — and ended, not with November and December but with January and February.

So, September through December were, originally, appropriately named. Then they realized that their calendar of ten months was at variance with astronomy and our solar year. Therefore, they invented two brand-new months and inserted them between June and September. They tightened up the orbit but sacrificed the language.

A millennium and a half later, another Roman changed the calendar again. Pope Gregory the Great, in October , promulgated the eponymous calendar to really finetune the math, creating leap years in the process. One of these months, November, was dedicated to remembering the veil and those on the other side of it. For the Celts, day and night, light and dark, summer and winter are lovers not enemies. The Catholic church borrowed this notion and grafted their own theology onto it. Not to be completely ignored, the Catholic church in Ireland, to honor its Celtic roots, proclaimed November 6th as the Feast of All the Saints of Ireland.

This one energy manifests as life in all dimensions, including the physical. The same one life force takes a multitude of forms in flora and fauna. Humans are one form of fauna. And each human experiences this one life in several phases. And this game of God repeats until all souls remember, even while incarnated, that they are, at core, bite-sized bits of Source. Religion, of course, has attempted to predict, own and control this process. Some years ago, without any fanfare, the church silently closed limbo and bussed all of its residents to heaven.

Then, there was purgatory — in my opinion, reincarnation by another name — a place in which souls could be purified of bad karma until they were fit for heaven. Even though it consisted of awful suffering, it had a shelf life and a guarantee of heaven eventually. Ontologically speaking, there is no such place, though we have managed, during incarnation, to produce passable facsimiles of it psychologically and sociologically. It is no more possible for souls to be eternally separated from God than it is for sunbeams to be separated from the sun.

And then, phew! Sorry dude, you gotta bet on only one horse. And that is my thinking. As a child, on November 2 nd each year, I was one of a throng of compassionate Catholics on the frontlines of springing souls from purgatory. On that day, and on that day only, you could release as many souls as you were able by doing the following exercise. Obviously, the guys in charge at the other side spoke all languages and understand all accents — even English with an Irish brogue.

Maybe the guy in purgatory just used smoke signals and Peter replied with trumpet blasts. When I finished high school and entered the seminary on September 14th, , I came up with a brainwave. I would start a Team Purgatory project, coopting my class mates, the priests-to-be, in order to empty out purgatory. The problem was that about , people die each day — 73 million each year. It would be like trying to mop up the kitchen floor while the sink was overflowing, the plug in place and the faucet fully open.

But then I started to do the math. The world population then was 3. However, unfortunately, only baptized Catholics could escape hell, so that reduced my task enormously. Moreover, those in limbo could not be redeemed using indulgences; and, again very unfortunately, as I listened to the fire-and-brimstone preachers of the day, I understood that very few Catholics actually made it into purgatory, let alone heaven.

Finally, I calculated the average life expectancy for the Catholic countries of Europe and the Americas, and some of the converted countries of Africa. My algorithm told me that there were approximately two million newbies admitted to purgatory each year. Now that was a number I could handle with the help of seminarians, priests and nuns. I am sorry to report, however, that my organizational skills and self-discipline were both inadequate to the proposed task.

Mea maxima culpa!

Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing Contest/Topics/Bengali

It is the Catholic belief that souls on both sides of the veil remain in contact and can assist each other. Only Catholics are included. Salvation or Christ Consciousness, Self-realization or Buddha nature happens when there is total coherence in the system. So, I did; and this blog, in two parts, is the result. Of course, all of these articulations of the great mystical traditions have been misinterpreted and even abused as control mechanisms.

More about that anon. Here are two versions of the text. Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death — even death on a cross!

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Have that consciousness in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although he was God, did not cling to his divinity but emptied himself and incarnated as a human; accepting his mortality even unto death. So, to use parallel terms, Jesus is the exemplar par excellence of true Self-realization and of a fully-awakened buddha nature.

Even more devastatingly, he upbraided them for closing off the doors beyond dogma into mysticism — not venturing in there themselves while forbidding others from entering. Alas, it is an accusation that is still valid, as we compare all three monotheistic religions and their treatment of their mystics. Faithful rabbi that he was, with a profound knowledge of Torah, he avowed that he had not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Then, he went on to complete it, not by a slavish adherence to legal literalism but to radically transform it e.

However, this too is a concept that is regularly misunderstood. Impermanence is not simply the lugubrious lamentation that everything that is born will die. That is only Act I of the drama. Act II is the knowledge that everything that dies will resurrect, transform or reincarnate. He not only taught that, he also demonstrated it. What a combo, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and the Roman Curia! You can run or even die, but you cannot hide. In a nice, neat 2 X 2 matrix, they created four living quarters for the deceased — heaven, hell, purgatory and limbo. And, when they ran out of foreign enemies, they created, tortured and torched internal enemies in the inquisition of heretics.

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is beautifully articulated in the parable of the Good Samaritan where the enemy, the Samaritan read: Palestinian Arab is the one who responds with compassion for the injured Hebrew read: Jewish Israeli. In this power-packed parable, Jesus is showing that the priest and the Levite, who protected their ritual cleanliness by not touching a possibly-dead body, failed to realize that God values compassion much more highly than She values human rules.

The two greatest aberrations to this ethical system were i our treatment of nature and ii our treatment of fellow humans. The accelerating pace of technology, from nomadic to horticultural to agricultural to industrial to informational societies, has seen nature reduced from a partner to merely a resource to be sucked dry and then discarded. The second great aberration in this elegant moral code is the treatment of humans by humans. Caste, creed, color, class, gender, race, socio-economic-standard, IQ and religious affiliation have all been deliberately magnified and used to justify everything from disparity of wages to outright slavery — often by people who pay pious lip service to the Carpenter from Galilee.

Unscrupulous wannabe empires from ancient Akkadia to current corporatocracy have used fellow humans as pawns in their bloody wars. Jesus told many parables whose purpose, I believe, was to help the listeners differentiate between the ego and the soul. For example, he tells of a rich man who, before he went away on a long trip, set a manager in charge of his property and workers. The rich man delayed in coming back, so the manager figured he had gotten lost or had died. So, he began to regard the property and the workers as his own — and started to get drunk and abuse them.

How to interpret this? Rather, I believe, that the rich man represents the soul and the manager represents the ego. Very often, we mistake our egos for our souls and neglect our incarnational missions. Two thousand years after Jesus, Carl Jung came to the same conclusion by showing that the ego was an archetype which governed a particular level of consciousness — the waking state 7am to 10pm. However, the center of the entire psyche conscious, subconscious and unconscious he called the archetype of the Self.

It is a terrible waste of an incarnation to live and to die in the service of these two egos. Allow me for a few moments to dip into a brand-new articulation of this mystery of consciousness.

Tom Campbell is a NASA physicist who has spent his working life reconciling science and spirituality. His work is based on two postulates i the primacy of consciousness all matter arises from it and ii the reality of evolution. To divest himself completely from the accumulated baggage of religious terminology he uses the following nomenclature I will put my own terms side-by-side to make it easier to comprehend.

Hence, the LCS is constantly evolving. Christianity has a theory of this also. Every human being, incarnated in a physical body they call it gross body generates experiences which, upon individual death, are archived in the astral body. All of the experiences of all of the lifetimes Jivas of a particular soul Atma are stored in the causal body. All of the experiences of all of the lifetimes of all souls in all dimensions are stored in the Akashic Records. And, ultimately, they become part of Brahma creator God.

This feels like saying that Shakespeare is simply the sum total of his collected works. I believe that there was much more to Willie S. And I believe there is much more to God than Her creations. But I agree with Campbell that the LCS is utterly beyond human comprehension — or, in religious language, the Transcendence of God is utterly ineffable. Imagine a child with a Lego set consisting of many parts in just five colors. Initially, the child builds a castle using all of the pieces.

He soon tires of it, dismantles it and instead, using all of the same pieces, builds a submarine. It was simply an illusion created by the physical pieces in a particular formation. Confucius, a contemporary of the Buddha, agreed. Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. In other words, at core there is only the Father or Source. Everything else is simply a manifestation. When I look at the life of Jesus and wipe away both the cultural accretions and patriarchal redactions, I see a cohort of three great souls with a joint mission to move dogmatic religion into mystical spirituality.

These souls incarnated as Jesus, his mother and his companion, Magdalene.


So, the Catholic church, unbeknownst to itself, would eventually blunder into this teaching without ever acknowledging or even realizing the full implications of its decrees. In , Pius IX declared the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, the teaching that because Mary had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus, by his merits she, too, was conceived without original sin.

About a century later, Pius XII declared that she had never died but been assumed bodily into heaven. Incidentally, this was the only instance of an infallible decree since papal infallibility was decided at the first Vatican Council in The Protestant churches, in , reacted by claiming that Rome had finally lost its marbles.

Only Carl Jung applauded. He felt that the Trinity had finally been upgraded to a Quaternity — a mandala — the fullness of the Godhead. The Catholic church had not intended that at all. But like water and the Tao, truth has a way of penetrating even the most heavily-fortified fortresses! Next please! Ah yes, the mother of Jesus. This Christ-carrier unfortunately because of her gender could never be ordained a priest let alone a bishop or, God forbid, a pope.

So, she was reduced to a meek, mild-mannered, obedient handmaid, eyes modestly downcast while the man who had three times denied he even knew her son took control of the Jesus movement. Within years, it would swap law for love, fear for wonder and dogma for gnosis. The gentle, forgiving, resilient Jesus movement, allegedly founded on the rock of Peter, now foundered on the rock of Rome. The temptation of secular power accomplished what three centuries of persecution could not. At the other end of the spectrum, in the narcissism of some New Age thinkers, the ego is either inflated to divinity, identified with victimhood and entitlement or reduced to simply being an addicted consumer of baubles.

It is the next stage of human evolution and it has almost completed its millennia-long embryonic phase. It is ready to be born. Are you ready to midwife it? In the rural Ireland of my childhood, the fire was never allowed to go out. Each night, after the rest of the family had retired, the mother would gather the glowing embers and cover them with the ashes. In the morning, before anybody else had arisen, she would rake back the ashes, uncover the still-glowing embers and blow them into flame.

There were houses in which the fire had not gone out in over years. The mystics are the keepers of the ancient wisdom fires not a few of which were actually burned at the stake for daring to fan the embers of truth. Here was my reply. A fractal is a pattern that appears at an infinite number of levels. For instance, the pattern of smaller bodies rotating around a greater one is found in an atom electrons rotate about the nucleus , in a planetary system moons around planets — Jupiter has 63 of them!

Human problems tend to be fractal in nature. Therefore, identifying the underlying pattern is much more likely to lead to long-term solutions than simply dealing with any one specific manifestation of the problem. Life itself is fractal in nature — we see the same pattern appear at various scales. So, to understand any phenomenon for example environmental degradation we have to be able to infer the underlying algorithm from the individual instances. Therefore, we cannot separate the ecological problem from the greater pattern of the human adventure of incarnation. Trying to understand and solve the ecological crisis while separating it from all of our other relationships is like trying to be healthy by only focusing on not becoming diabetic.

There is a lot more to health than simply monitoring our insulin levels and giving ourselves an injection. To focus on problems like fossil fuels or fracking — even though they are valid concerns — is like giving up sugar but continuing to smoke while spending all day sitting in front of a TV set. Business, banking, education, the mass media, the military-industrial complex, big Pharma, agribusiness, fake news, the Punch and Judy puppets we call politicians, fundamentalist religions, these are all both the causes and results of spiritual laziness.

We want instant, simplistic solutions to complex, long-term problems. The ecological problem is simply what this pervasive, species-wide laziness looks like as it affects the physical planet and its flora and fauna. It is not enough to simply focus on one symptom, we must look at the entire syndrome and its root causes. And, in my opinion, the taproot cause of all of these issues is the utter secularization of our cultures.

We have thrown out the baby of mystical spirituality with the bath water of punitive, fear-based, fundamentalist religions. Unless we have a multidimensional, spiritual cosmology, we are just putting band-aids on a few of the more obvious symptoms. To do that we have to shake off the amnesia for who we really are and why we volunteered to be here, now. We face, not so much a global crisis, as we do an opportunity for a powerful, spiritual awakening of humanity. Your job is to give her the spiritual tools she needs for her mission. The future will either be a cynical senescence or compassionate wisdom.

Since then, many other scientists have attempted to succeed where he failed. Part of the problem is the measuring tools they employ. Ireland is quite a small island; its length is merely miles, while its width is just miles. So how long do you reckon its coastline is? Well it depends on your tape measure. The shorter the rod, the longer the coastline. Clever brain. However, lest we become big headed, the same would happen if we measured the perimeter of a cross section of a cauliflower!

Each thing is infinite — only our senses, thinking and models make things appear finite. And the reason for this infinity is that all things are projections from the mind of God, which is uncountably infinite. And, because of the fractal, holographic nature of manifestation, any contiguous chunk of uncountable infinity is, itself, uncountably infinite. So, if the perimeter of the cross section of a brain is, indeed, infinite, does that mean that it contains infinite intelligence and so is omniscient, like God?

The problem here is that incarnation and particularly the development of ego introduces filters and firewalls to those cosmic Akashic Records. Cultural hypnosis and the laws of society radically constrict these channels. Seemingly, only avatars and autistic savants or selective brain injury can do an end run around some of these filters.