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Ada's Violin
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The story of the Wilfred Owen violin

Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. Prices and offers may vary in store. Kobo ebook. From award-winning author Susan Hood and illustrator Sally Wern Comport comes the extraordinary true tale of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay, an orchestra made up of children playing instruments built from recycled trash.

Music: RSNO/Sondergard, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, five stars

Susan's Violin - The Incredible Story It Told - Kindle edition by Dr. Parke Sellard. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Edward, a young English professor, was obsessed with the violin he had inherited from his Aunt Susan. When he faced Susan's portrait and played the music.

The Wilfred Owen violin, made by Edinburgh-based instrument maker Steve Burnett, has already been featured in concerts, with others to follow. As Burnett puts it: Was the tree there when Owen was recovering? Did he sit under it as part of his rehabilitation? It would be nice to think so.

Burnett has made a point of ensuring that the words of that poem can be found inside the violin. It does seem remarkably appropriate. The instrument also fulfils a promise that Burnett made to himself a long time ago, ever since, as a child, he was in Edinburgh's City Hospital with chronic asthma and overheard reminiscences by First World War veterans: a promise that, one day, he would make a personal tribute of his own. He has worked in the music business for 30 years, as a piano tuner and restorer of old pianos. I taught myself the art of violin-making, never having worked with wood at all, or even having played one. I learned what it was that goes into making a violin.

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Like many people, Burnett was touched by Wilfred Owen's poetry when he first came across it at high school. Many of us must have thought, 'If we had been in their shoes That just highlights what an incredible romantic he was. This tribute [the violin] is in many ways a tribute to Keats: Owen once said that his reason for going to the Western Front was to try to preserve the English language, and the language of Keats and Shakespeare.

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Best job ever! Marchese describes violinist Eugene Drucker as "very smart, with a quick and subtle sense of humor. And this grassroots-driven success continues to grow, with the orchestra starting out as a class of 10 and now consisting of some students. Robin rated it liked it Apr 10, While the violin is being created in Zygmuntowicz's Brooklyn workshop, Marchese conducts some field trips—to a summer luthiers' conference in Ohio, where he sits "outside in the chirpy and muggy night, sprawled on a loading dock behind the art studio, hoping to catch a breeze," and to Cremona, where the railroad station speaks "more of Mussolini than Stradivari. Tell Us Where You Are:.

As it turns out, Owen was also very keen on music, especially the violin. What happened to make her feel that way?

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How does listening to music make you feel? Why do you think people love listening to and playing music? Have you ever found a use for something someone else had thrown away? What did you do with it?

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  • Ada's Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay.

What problems do children in your own community face? What does this mean to you? How do people normally think of trash? Have you ever found something special in an unexpected place? What is something that might seem worthless to someone else but you hold dear? She has a big imagination and, like her family, she loves music. Ella suena con tocar el violin pero su pueblo no tiene los recursos para instrumentos.

Un trabajador en el vertedero que busca en la basura cualquier cosa que pueda reciclar or vender. She loves to sing and always wanted to learn music. She signs her granddaughters up for Mr. Because there was no future outside the landfill, teenagers often turned to gangs; Ada worries what will happen to her when she grows up. La hermana menor de Ada. He goes through the landfill to find things like oil drums and pipes that he makes into instruments.

During the day he works long, hard hours in the landfill as a ganchero. At night, he plays the radio and tells his daughters stories and songs of great musicians. El padre de Ada. He was also a musician and decided to offer music lessons to keep the children out of trouble. Along with music, he teaches the children to respect themselves and others. White Picture Book Award honoree.

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Susan lives with her family in coastal Connecticut, and enjoys spending the summer sailing with her husband along the coast of Maine. The award is presented annually for a distinguished work of nonfiction which serves as an inspiration to young people. Flora Straus stood for the values of courage, hard work, truth and beauty, while adapting to a changing world. She believed that books about varying cultures enrich and help all children in their growth. She championed diverse opinions and points of view.

She was a person of high principles, unfailing courtesy and deep understanding, and was an inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing her.

The story of the Wilfred Owen violin

Award winners encourage audiences to see the better side of human nature and motivate artists and the general public to use their best instincts on behalf of others. The E. White Awards were established in by the Association of Booksellers for Children to honor books that reflect the universal read-aloud standards that were created by the work of the author E.

White in his classic books for children. In , in recognition of the fact that reading aloud is a pleasure at any age, the award was expanded into two categories, Picture Books and Older Readers. Do you have any place that you prefer to write in? Once I get an idea, I write like a maniac and can go hours without stop.

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Q: What led you to write Ada's story and were you able to see the Orchestra perform live? He called my agent and asked if she could suggest an author. Q: In writing this story, what was most inspiring or even life changing for you? As you have shared Ada's story with students, what kind of reception has it received?

A: Writing this book was life-changing. I have clean running water and electricity at the flick of a wrist. Or something as simple and life-changing as shoes. The more research I did I found that people live on garbage dumps all over the world—in Mexico, India, the Philippines, and on and on. It gets worse.

The people of Cateura face a natural disaster every year when the river that runs through the town floods, causing hundreds of families to evacuate their tin shacks. What was a mountain of garbage becomes floating garbage. And yet, despite ALL of this, these people remain hopeful and dedicated to the art of making music for the world. Their story was inspiring in another way.

Music gave these aimless, forsaken kids with a sad past, a dangerous present, and a bleak future something to focus on, to strive toward, to hope for. For many, it was the only beauty in their lives.

And now, it is a source of great pride that is helping to rebuild their lives and their community. Sharing their story has been a huge privilege. Kids are dumbfounded and adults are often teary. As am I! She has also translated her picture making skills to various large-scale public, private, and institutional artworks.