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God knows your heart, and he knows your desire to pray on behalf of the Bibleless peoples of the world. Trust that as you faithfully commit to pray, he will be faithful in answering your prayers according to his perfect will. Forgot your password? Don't have an account? A Place at the Table A wash basin. Download Devotional. Here are a few tips that can help get you started: Find a quiet place to connect with God. Begin by praying a Scripture that prepares your heart for connecting intimately with God.

Use a verse or passage to shape your prayer. The world and all its people belong to you — including the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. So my response was to try to kill myself three times out of fear and shame of my family. After those failed attempts I picked up my bible and I came back to God because I had no one else to turn to. I regret everything all the sins that I committed so much and I repent about them every day.

Finding Your Way Back To God - "I Wish I Could Start Over" - 09/20/2015

I want to serve God and I got scared when I read that Hebrew scripture. I pray for God to have mercy on me and to remember me when he comes for his church. Now, a little background on my family. My dad is retired Air force and believes in God with his heart, mind and soul. He can be a good guy but he grew up in a abusive household which sadly affected me growing up.

He would verbally, mentally and sometimes physically abuse me and my family when he would get upset. So I get depressed easily and I have anxiety and worry about everything. So back when I fell away from God, I was trying to find some sort of love from a girl because I wanted romantic love,I felt trapped at home with my dad which always formed a negative atmosphere because I recently graduated high school and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and then my dad would just hound me about going into the Military. Not to mention we were transitioning to a new Church because our old church had my youth pastor and main pastor leaving and the youth group that I once loved and considered my friends turned out not to be so.

Before I knew it I was hanging around the wrong people and sinning because I thought it was going to lead to something good but I was so wrong. I should have never turned my back on God and I should have relied on him to help me through that. I hope and pray to God that he will forgive me for doing such awful things and I hope that he does remember me when he comes for his church.

Rickey, thank you for your testimony. Your story is one that many people share. I love how much zeal you are showing here. Let me encourage you by telling you that God says He will never leave us nor forsake us. Because no matter how he felt, his father was the one that made the choice.

I also was very young when I gave my life to the lord ,loved the happiness of the spirit but I was very ignorant of the bible never reading it then fell into a life of partying etc,sad now at 57 I am reading the bible the spirit never left me but when I read hebrews 6 ,I repented with such sadness ,I wish someone when I was young would of tutored me a bit to understand sad I had no idea then what the word was,if we are to help with we need to help with a young persons knowledge and encouragement.

Do you know maladaptive daydreaming? I have confessed it to God multiple times but i keep falling. I am even tired of myself. I cannot resist it completely. I think I am reprobate now, I cannot repent for it anymore :. I wanted to ask if when a person who was born again loses faith is it possible to regain faith in God. I recently lost my faith. I was born again in late I repented as I came to the conclusion that God was trying to get my attention after a season of things began happening to me. I was baptised in the Holy Spirit a few days later In a dream. After being born again. I still continued in sin. I learnt the truth of what I was experiencing around 6 months ago and decided to throw my new age occult books away and focus on the bible. So I was still in sin but wanting the Holy Spirit to come back. I came under spiritual attack around a month ago and failed.

Then my faith diminished. Now my faith has gone and a change in mind has come about. I want to serve God. Is there still a chance for someone who has lost the Holy Spirit? Will he come back or would you say that person is done for? Then the Holy Spirit came back and they now have fellowship.

Any advice would be grateful. Thanks Chris God bless. Yes, the Holy Ghost can and sometimes will depart from a person. This is not due to sin, but due to the rejection of faith. Again, this is not due to the absence of sin, but to the regaining of faith.

What God’s plan is: A journey of joyful discovery that begins where I am

It sounds as though you may be lacking in some of the foundational understandings about God and the Bible. I would certainly suggest that you go through the entire Christianity course on the website. Hi Im twenty years old I was saved at in February and I was on fire for the Lord for the first few weeks and it was truly the greatest thing that happened to me. At first I went to my grandparents and was asking them all these questions I had about the faith and it was so fun learning. I had a couple of friends in the Faith I could have went to church with but I ended up not being around a community of believers which really hurt me.

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But by April I noticed that I started to sin a little more and then by May I found myself looking at women more and more in lustfull ways. But I truly miss Him so much. My email is zthompson gmail. I needed this. Thank you. Today, I really need to read a reminder about returning to God, and loving Jesus. I was active in ministry for many years, got married, looked forward to completing a a Masters in Divinity to become a full time pastor and walked away from ALL of it over a year ago.

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I proceeded to live a miserable disgusting life of isolation, disgrace and shame forgetting everything I learned and live in Christ. Thank you Father for always being there! Thank you On The Line Ministries! I had gone many years believing in the Lord but sinning whenever I wanted. Then one day I felt a strong draw to read my bible for the first time ever. I repented and could feel my connection with the Lord.

I could feel the joy of the Holy Spirit in me.

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All things will be made new. Bible study. He can be a good guy but he grew up in a abusive household which sadly affected me growing up. The more I've followed Him through impossible transitions, the more I've realized we always get where we are going in spite of how I know I did not make every right step. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Then I started working and my coworkers were far from the Lord. In trying to bring the Holy Spirit to them, I instead fell to sin. And for years once more, I sinned whenever the desire came. Guilt for it soon faded and left me. I believed in God and Jesus but I was blinded by my sin anyway. Now, 2 years later, I felt the pull and repented again.

I have a very time staying focused long enough to say a full prayer or read my bible. The understanding I had for the bible and closeness I felt in prayer has left me. I am beginning to believe I am unforgiven. Though I feel he has left me I will not stop reading His word and I will not stop praying. I will not allow myself to fall to my earthly desires again. Even if I am to burn I will burn while rejoicing to the Lord.

I will never stop trying to prove to the Lord that I long for Him. Hadassah, your story sounds like mine a good many years ago. I was in the same place.

When a Person Falls from Grace

There's a way back to God From the dark paths of sin; There's a door that is open And you may go in: At Calvary's cross Is where you begin, When you come as a. Authoritative information about the hymn text There's a way back to God, with lyrics, audio recordings, PDF files, and printable scores.

I even said and meant the same thing. It was in that time that I had to learn a very important lesson. I had to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. What that means is I had to learn that what God has said beats whatever I feel. I learned that when I prayed He listened according to His word. I learned that when I asked for forgiveness He gave it according to His word. And guess what, … HE upholds those who love Him. Over a period of 14 years i got weary and i found my joy was going. I felt doomed, i was always looking for hope, but reading your site it was very sobering, i did feel oh no! Hello I just need a prayer request.

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I accepted Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior back in For 3 years everything went well and amazing, but has times passed I went away from God and willfully sinned even though I knew this will quench the Holy Spirit and have fallen away. Please pray for me that God will help me to return. The truth is that the only thing you need to do is believe the word of God over your feeling of guilt.

Because if He said He will forgive you then He means it!

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Thanks for your article I too walked away and was haggling with Hebrews Thanks for breaking down the scriptures, and allowing clarity to take center stage. Iam a 22 year old guy ,and I was saved in You may want to read another page on this site which deals with the subject of continual sin. Its truly helpful in real life situations and has tons of scriptures included to back what he says.

I like how you clear both those scriptures up because I used to take it literally and not having a full understanding and they used to terrify me and felt like there was no hope, but the way you cleared it up has given me much hope so I thank God for you and keep spreading the Word. Thank You my Brother you. I blamed it all on God. And eventually walked away from him. I resisted it at first because I was ashamed of admiting I had been wrong, until last night it became too much and, with my mother beside me, I prayed for the first time un a long time.

We both cried. It felt warm and so, so powerful. Loving, protective. I was no longer afraid, but I felt at home instead. How to build my faith in a way that even those disgusting acts that once led me away from God will not do it again. Great read! Your email address will not be published. God is SO good! He has spoken to me very specifically about something I had been praying about just to encourage me! Our Father God is awesome!!! Pastor Dave.

Lie #5: There's No Way Back to God

Search for:. Get Our Emails New Bible studies and devotionals sent to your email. The first one includes a free gift! First Name. Last Name. Whatever you want God to bless, put Him first in that area. Put God first when it comes to your finances.

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Put God first when it comes to your relationships. Put God first when it comes to your interests. When God is placed first, the way you look at all your circumstances will begin to change. In addition to including your blessings, write out your prayer requests and record the answers as they come. God cares for us. He is mighty. God calls us to humble ourselves before Him, not because He is a controlling God that wants you do bow down to Him because you are nothing, but rather because He wants to exalt us and care for us.

If you feel stuck or lost on your spiritual journey, set aside the search for God and seek humility instead. Pride is one of the most effective ways to block God out of our lives. Throw all your efforts into becoming a more humble person. One way to find inspiration is by reading up on people throughout history who were known for their humility.

They can teach you a lot about what it means to humble yourself before God. Cynicism separates us from God, as it promotes distrust and negative emotions or perceptions towards others. If you want to grow closer to God, commit to a period of time where you let go of all forms of cynicism. When these conversations show up, try to change the subject or say something positive instead. Finally, avoid making cynical jokes or comments about yourself.

The more time you spend committed to eliminating cynicism from your thoughts and your words, the more your heart will be transformed.